Create a Hotmail Account [Easy Guide]

Create a Hotmail own is not difficult. But you have to know where and how to start exactly. To help you with creating your own Hotmail account we have devised a roadmap. So you can easily quickly create your own Hotmail account.


The road map is easy to follow if you create via the Internet on your computer, laptop or tablet a Hotmail account. Have an account and you’d rather special Hotmail app on your smartphone or tablet? Read here (link) create all about Hotmail on your smartphone or tablet.

Hotmail is created in three steps

  1. Go to the sign in or Outlook Web site. For clarity Hotmail is now called Outlook, but you can still with Outlook Hotmail e-mail address to create that ends with the @hotmail extension. Bottom right is written in blue: sign up now. Click on it and you come to a page that looks like the image below.
  1. To create your Hotmail you now only need only your personal details to fill in as much as possible. Select at the user name of your new email address. You can choose your first and last name or something else entirely. When entering your name may happen that someone else has already used the user. Select input when creating a user name for your Hotmail with your numbers and symbols. Hotmail will also make alternatives when choosing a username that is already occupied.
  1. It is also smart to fill in your phone number in your personal information. If you forget your password, Hotmail may in the future you instantly send a text message containing a new password. After filling in all your personal information when creating your Hotmail account, you must enter a security code. Enter the code depicted on the screen. Can not read the code? Click on other characters and a new code will appear. There is also an audio option that you can hear the security code. As a final option, you can also check whether your Microsoft e-mails will receive special offers. Then click the blue bar which says Create Account. Congratulations on creating your own Hotmail account! You can now receive e-mails and send.